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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 28, 2016 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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i mean, this is stuff she cares about. >> reporter: biden was asked by our colleague about trump's asking russia to find clinton's deleted e-mails. >> i don't think he knows what he's doing. i'm sorry. i don't think he consciously knows how much he is -- look. >> reporter: the vice president says he's not going anywhere with plans of being deeply involved in helping the next mi >> you know he's not going to sit back and watch. >> my rumors out there? any leads? >> obviously he still has it. some reaction in the meantime to joe biden's speech. shonda rhimes said i love joe biden and all he's done. >> did you see ashley judd's face during the speech?
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she doesn't only moved. she was emotional. >> and there were calls for a while for him to run for this. >> firmly vested in the democratic party. we'll see what's next. >> a lot of people last night for saying that after hearing his speech. still got it. all right. thank you. >> no problem. we'll move on, or still talk about the vice president and the president. the president just arrived back in washington d.c. and both of them, the v.p. and the president are set to campaign for hillary clinton this fall. >> last night we the attacks as they pass the baton. rick klein gives us his take on the night. >> reporter: hope was handed off. barack obama saying he's ready to hand the baton to what he calls the woman in the arena. a soaring night for democrats featuring an all star cast. the sitting president and vice president and the new vice presidential nominee capped off with a joint appearance by president obama as well as
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show the muscle they have and show how they're going to take the fight to donald trump, a united party at last, seeking to tap into some of the inspiration of the last two democratic. >> we have one more night to go. be sure to tune in at 10:00 p.m. for full coverage of hillary clint clinton's speech. other news. a kentucky man is facing as much as 20 convicted on charges of assaulting a flight attendant. another passenger captured images of a man refusing to take his seat. he walked to the front of plane where he kicked a flight attendant and knocked her to the ground and called her the n word. they say it took two pilots to restrain him as others wrapped a seat belt around his ankles.
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that's marcus vic, the mother of former nfl star, michael vic, talking to police at a gym in virginia. then he bolts away leaving the cops chasing him down the street. this vic eventually runs out of gas and sits down on the sidewalk. he pleaded guilty to resisting arrest. it started with him being questioned about a warrant stemming from a civil case. good news and bad news for you about last night's power no one won. however, good news, the prize now swells to an estimated $478 million. the next drawing is saturday night. there's still a chance to join the millionaire club. we have nearly three months without a prize winner. >> it's become more frustrating when you don't win. >> i suppose, but then the pot is bigger and bigger. no matter how big the jackpot gets, it doesn't come close to where mark zuckerberg is.
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$3.5 billion. or it was vaulted that much after the release of facebook's impressive new earnings report. one estimate says zuckerberg is worth $56.7 billion. he's the youngest of the world's 10 wealthiest people. >> very nice. >> good to be him. >> it is good to be his wife as well. all that money coming into the household. they're celebrating a newborn in six feet tall. the giraffe was born yesterday at the cincinnati zoo. >> we know it's adorable. keepers say the birth was remarkably smooth for a first time mom. the whole thing took about 30 minutes. the newborn is standing and walking. >> i wonder if it was a natural birth or c section. >> she got the drugs. >> do you think?
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>> i think we should move on. coming up, the dnc keepsakes that are flying off the shelves in philadelphia. from t shirts, mugs and socks to hillary in the box. and the one item that is selling better than most of the others that has nothing to do with any of the candidates. and the powerful words from the nation's first black president. what he told voters to do last night instead of booing donald trump. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. world news now weather,
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for a while. new reaction to this story. a man an entire generation of americans thought would never see freedom is heading home. >> he attempted to assassinate ronald reagan. he's lived in a hospital since he was found not by reason of insanity. >> a judge ruled he'll be set free. >> reporter: in this gated community, fears that hinckley junior will be living in the neighborhood tifull-time. >> i look at it as a matter of security. >> reporter: he could be released as early as next month. this picture taken by daily mail in 2014. the memories of that 1981 assassination attempt etched in the nation's memory. wounding a secret service agent, d.c. police officer, and nearly killing the president and his press secretary, but after 35
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providers that hinckley is no longer a risk to himself or others. he'll be allowed to live with his elderly mother but must continue the therapy and will be tracked by gps on his cell phone. he's banned from using social media and banned from contacting jodie foster. coming up, president obama brings down the house at t president had to say about donald trump.
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tonight there is not a liberal america and a conservative america. there is the united states of america. there is not a black a white america latina america, asian america, there's the united states of america. 12 years ago to the day that that speech at the democratic national convention put the then illinois senator barack obama on the national map, and then yesterday we saw the president take the podium at the dnc once again. only this time in a different capacity. >> yeah. he had gray hair, i didn't even recognize that image from so
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wanted to present. he argued for hillary clinton and took some parting shots after her republican rival. >> while this nation has been tested by war and it's been tested by recession and all manner of challenges, i stand before you again tonight after almost two terms as your president to tell you i am more optimistic about the future of america than and then there's donald trump. don't boo. vote. [ applause ] the donald is not really a plans guy. he's just offering slogans.
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he is betting that if he scares enough people he might score just enough votes to win this election. that's another debt that donald trump will lose. and the reason he'll lose it is because he's selling the american people short. america is already great. america is already strong. and i promise you our strength, our greatness does not depend on donald trump. so this year in this election, i'm asking you to join me to reject cynicism and reject fear, and to summon what is best in us to elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states.
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herself, that's my man. your truth, dignity and grace remind us what leadership looks
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. delegates in philadelphia have been flocking to vendors in droves. they're hoping to take home a piece of history. >> the momentums of this convention are range ting from t shirts to toilet paper. >> reporter: from t shirts to gift shop finds. >> anything ha that has to do with humor. >> reporter: political purchases are being made left and right. >> these may feel very good. >> reporter: at the gift shop on independence mall, you can find mugs, paper dolls, laughing pens, and believe it or not, the best-selling t shirt, this one that says presidential election
2:56 am
>> it sold out in a few days. we had people calling. one man called up, he was here two weeks ago and somebody stole it. he wanted another one. >> reporter: a hillary in the box might amuse young political minds. >> how about that for guessing in advance? >> reporter: if you need to cool down at the market, a cold coffee might help. house gift shop on 13th, tourists are popping in this week from dog and cat chew toys to toilet paper, the aim is to lighten up what many would call a heavy election season. >> i think people are trying to curb their attitude in a humorous way to play it in. it's been a little intense. our thanks to trisha of our
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aren't just limited to stores and vendors in philadelphia. >> in wisconsin there's culinary creations. donald trump and hillary clinton cookies. uncle mike's bake shop started selling them last week for $2 a piece, and they'll continue to offer them until the general election. >> they say usually they wait a little bit longer, but this time there was so much excitement over the candidates, they couldn't resist. they say they're rt are outselling the clinton cookies this year, but mitt romney cookies were more popular this time.
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this morning on "world news now," the democrats let out a rallying cry. >> speeches from some of the biggest names in politics last night. president obama and the vice president delivering punches aimed at donald trump. and tim kaine gets in on the act with his own trump impersonation. we'll have details being criticized from both sides for what some are calling an open investigation call for the russians to hack hillary clinton's e-mail. we'll hear from trump and how he feels about potentially working russian president vladimir putin into the mix. and talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. as a cyclist is about to get hit by a car, that car gets taken out by another driver.
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convention is revealing naked truths about the democratic fund raising machine. the kind of vip privileges that big money buys and how much it really costs to have dinner with hillary clinton. it's thursday, zwrjuly 28th. good thursday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin this half hour with the country's most powerful democrats coming out to vouch for hillary clinton, her character and >> starting with president obama who topped off a night of speeches with a stirring defense of clinton, praising her for always getting the job done. he also highlighted his own legacy, saying he's leaving the democratic party in good hands. the president painted donald trump as a bully who closes up to vladimir putin. >> as the speeches brought some to tears, there was anger out the arena.
3:02 am
karen travers has the latest from philadelphia. >> reporter: the democratic handover is official. a huge hug between president obama and hillary clinton. president obama making a forceful case against donald trump, saying americans deserve better. >> america is already great. america is already strong. and i promise you our strength, our greatness, doe >> reporter: and making his case for hillary clinton. >> there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. >> reporter: it was an all star night for democrats. vice president joe biden kicking things off, got in sharp jabs against donald trump.
3:03 am
cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of malarkey. >> reporter: and tim kaine in the biggest speech of his career. >> our nation, it is just too great to put it in the hands of a slick talking, empty promising, self-promoting, one-man wrecking crew. >> reporter: and this convention will wrap up tonight with hillary clinton making history. accepting the democratic nomination. kendis, diane. o philadelphia. lots of reaction to the speeches last night. >> that's right. lots of differing reaction as well. >> depends on your perspective, obviously. >> as you can imagine, donald trump was not a huge fan. he responded to president obama's speech saying when the president said that america is great already, trump replied, our country does not feel great already to the millions of wonderful people living in poverty, violence and despire.
3:04 am
to joe biden, gabby giffords. she said thank you for leading to fight the make our community saferer, places to live and honor to stand with you. >> and elizabeth warren says she's still fired up. probably not hard to believe. >> and michelle, not only michelle obama, that is, the first lady, not only did she praise the speech, but she gave like a shoutout to her man. she's like that'sy step off. >> territorial. i think she meant it as a pride thing, but it sounded a little -- >> it seemed like she pulled both earrings off before she went to twitter and is like that's my man. all right. well, count on abc news to cover every moment of this final day of the dnc. we'll have a special report tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern when hillary clinton takes the stage. >> and the democrats who addressed the convention were
3:05 am
donald trump. zblchlk he handed them extra ammunition by inviting russia to hack hillary clinton's e-mails. >> reporter: donald trump with a message to russia. hack hillary clinton's e-mails from her time as secretary of state, and release them publicly. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be >> reporter: and trump not backing away from encouraging the cyber espionage. >> do you have any qualms about asking a foreign government, russia, china, anybody, to interfere, to hack into a system, of anybody's in this country? >> that's up to the president. let the president talk to them. >> does that not give you pause? >> if they have them, they have them. you know what gives me more pause? that a person in our government, crooked hillary clinton, here's what gives me -- be quiet.
3:06 am
>> reporter: the republican nominee has showered praise on the russian president. >> putin likes me. i respect putin. he's a strong leader. >> reporter: he denies any relationship. >> i never met putin. i don't know who he is. he said one nice thing about me. he said i'm a genius. i said thank you very much and that was the end of it. >> reporter: still, trump has courted russian billionaires close to putin to invest in his projects. one of them hosted a miss universe pageant in moscow. no whether he has business deals in russia and whether the proof is in his tax returns. >> do you have any major investments in russia? >> no. >> why not release your tax returns. >> it's under audit. i'll tell you right now. >> reporter: for good measure, blasting obama's frosty relations with putin. >> putin has said really bad things.
3:07 am
i was shocked. i was shocked. he has a total lack of respect for president obama. i think he's going to respect your president if i'm elected. >> reporter: in the news conference that lasted almost an hour, donald trump did make two mistakes. one he called the person who tried to kill ronald reagan david hinckley, not john hing ri, and he criticized tim kaine for doing a bad job in new jersey when he meant virginia. both times him almost instantly. moving on, new video from tuesday's terror toke on a church in france. a priest murdered by two men who held others hostage. take a look. you can see police moving in on the church. shields up. the attackers inside with the hostages at that time, using them to block the door. one hostage is led to safety. moments later the killers running out, shot dead by the police. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack.
3:08 am
hands and pledging allegiance to the terror group. the pope is reacting, the murder of the priest inside the church, calling it an act of war. the pope saying it's not a religious war. that religions want peace. in baltimore prosecutors dropped charges guest the three remaining police officers awaiting trial. four officers were tried in connection with with gray's arrest and death. three officers were acquitte injury. he died from a spinal injury while in a police van. his death led todays of unrest and rioting. and a new report finds the number of officers killed in ambush style attacks has increased. according to national law enforcement memorial fund 67 officers have been killed in the
3:09 am
heavy rain kill at least 54 people. this video of a bridge collapsing. it was caught on camera. several people are still missing and hundreds of homes have been swept away. rescue and relief operations are underway across that country. travel is difficult as many roads, as you can see there, are under water. most drivers aren't crazy about the red light cameras posted at busy saving lives. a study commissioned by the insurance industry finds that traffic deaths from running red lights go up about 30% if cities turn off the cameras at
3:10 am
a harness to find the coaster in new jersey. there's a basketball in his hands. he hit 60 miles per hour on the way up. >> right through the hoop. nothing but net. >> so they didn't even practice that. that was just like, boom. one and done. on his way up to the 110 feet in the air, globe trotter said that he's glad he wasn't afraid of heights. promotion for the team's four game stay in wild wood which ends this saturday. we've seen some impressive feats from them. i think they shot one off -- >> a skyscraper. >> yes. >> we saw that. i think it was the highest. >> they did it off the wells fargo arena where the dnc is being held as well. >> now the sky coaster. if you ever needed another reason to go to wild wood, there you go. >> yeah. >> should we try to match it?
3:11 am
one woman's amazon account. what happened after a mother from texas tried to fight back after a hacker drained hundreds of dollars from an account. >> unbelievable story. >> a fallout from the e-mail hack of the dnc. the rare look at the inner working of the democratic money making machine, and the special treatment big donors have been able to buy. >> check out our behind the scenes like, we just stopped pressing, like, the record button on it. it's on our instagram page. abcwnn. approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in.
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watch your crosswalk carefully. the cyclist, when a war -- whoa, and a taxi collide and stop just feet away. watch again. the cyclist wasn't injured. but probably was a little the car's driver had blown through a red light. the taxi had the right-of-way, and their collision probably saved that cyclist's life. >> here's another close call for you off the waters of scotland. a hungry killer whale closing in on a seal. the seal is a little smarter maybe than the average seal. he takes himself off the menu by getting into shallow water.
3:16 am
mother was caught up in an attack of her own. >> a hacker drained money out of her amazon account and bullied her after she tried to fight back. >> reporter: the tack attack that wouldn't stop. it started when she received this e-mail from amazon. two game consuls totaling more than $1500 ordered to an a hacker taking advantage of the $1700 gift card credit she had on her account. >> i was calling amazon at the same time to alert them. i reset the password. as i reset them, he was still in there making orders. >> reporter: the hacker then sending this e-mail. listen, buddy. this is a hold up. >> your account has been hacked. these are my purchases. quit cancelling them.
3:17 am
like, okay. no. >> reporter: she says amazon refunded her the full amount. amazon telling us if a customer experiences an issue with their account, our customer service team will work directly with the customer to resolve the matter. to give your accountant added layer of security, amazon will text your phone a unique code any time you try to sign on. abc news, new york. they bully you along the way. >> what a gutsy hacker. >> just let them be. amazon will take care of you. >> good for her and good for amazon for making good on that. coming up, the florida family lost at sea found alive. what we're learning this morning about their conditions and the 4,000 square mile rescue mission 40 myles off t
3:18 am
exposing the special treatment for big donors.
3:19 am
cc1 test message cc1 test message ? what the world needs now is love sweet love ? ? it's the only t ? what the world needs now ? >> stars took the stage singing the classic there. we all know and of. it was reported last month to honor the victims of the orlando nightclub massacre. those e-mails that hacked from the dnc have opened up a rare look inside the democratic
3:20 am
>> reporter: it's all about the money. from the welcoming parties with a woman dancer in a bubble in the middle of a fountain at the philadelphia museum of art. to the nighttime cruises. >> that's when the real business gets down, outside of the convention halls. to the suites and the private parties with gourmet skrakl scrambled eggs and caviar. >> reporter: this document lays out what it democratic vip. the highest level called the written house square, for democrats who raise more than $1,250,000. >> people give for a variety of reasons. they want their phone calls return. they want access and influence. >> we've received an invitation to the vice president's breakfast but not white house reception. >> reporter: and also in the hacked materials, phone messages from top democratic donors
3:21 am
my wife tells me, from debbie wasserman schultz about a shawl dinner with president obama this week. >> reporter: one e-mail describes the price of a private dinner with hillary clinton, $200,000. an even bigger donor bumped someone. the dnc finance director wrote with no sympathy of the cancer patien unfortunately, get sick. we found him hosting pop donors at a champagne bunch. staffers and security guards were called to block our cameras. >> we can't have cameras here. >> reporter: when we caught up with him, he said it was all too embarrassing to talk about. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> reporter: brian ross never gets welcomed at these parties at the conventions. >> i don't know why.
3:22 am
coming up, if you're a fan of aged cheese, we have one
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introducing new k-y touch gel cr?me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes.
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all right. here in new york there's this flower called a corpse flower that's about to bloom. it's the smelliest flower in the world. it stinks like a corpse. and in a nonrelated event, this is probably what it -- this probablyll this, what you're looking at is cheese that is 340 years old. it was discovered in a shipwreck off the coast of sweden, and apparently this was discovered in one of the last dives they did. it's typically aged cheese. >> you mean a rock ford? >> yes.
3:26 am
>> disgust, and it's even more disgusting when you say that. >> jack. what does it smell like? >> i'm going to move onto the next story. getting a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. and one dad who is considering this for his family wanted to make sure that the family knew what they were getting themselves into and that she was very clear on how he wanted to play a role in all of this. he laid out a including some highlights that i picked up. c dad never has to pick up dog pop. the dog does not slopbber or hae runny nose. the dog does not scratch the floor. dad also, by the way, has
3:27 am
everyone loves the dog, but he's not a member of the family. he's an addition to the family. >> and the kids signed away. from dogs to cats. this cat used up one of its nine lives. this cat survived a cycle in the washing machine. >> wow. that's why he looks so clean. >> exactly. machine. one day it closed on him. he survived a cycle in the hot wash. >> how many of the nine lives do you think he gave up on that one? >> i think all of them, but he's clean. >> and from cats, let's stick with the animals. meet the this parrot. listen to this.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
now," a show of force for the democrats at this morning on "world news now," a show of force for the democrats at the dnc. president obama hands off his hopeful message to hillary clinton as vice president biden, v.p. hopeful tim kaine go after donald trump. new details about the proposed obama presidential library. a source says it toward an historic park on chicago's south side. and new this half hour, the rescue of a florida family lost at sea. >> the coast guard spots them. what we're learning about where they were and how they're doing. rare glimpses of two celebrity kids on display on
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i guess that's what you do in paris, you have coordinated outfits with your daughter. >> and you walk by the eiffel daughter. >> good morning. >> good to be with you on this thursday. some of the biggest names in politics delivered a powerful rallying call for hillary clinton coupled with blistering attacks on donald trump. >> president obama not only praised clinton. saying there's more qualified to lead the country. he also defended the state of the country itself and painted trump as a cynic who is unfit to be president. >> and then tim kaine defended clinton and mocked trump for lacking what he called a plan of action. let's get more from byron pitts. >> to elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. >> reporter: the arena erupted when president obama left the podium and brought back his friend.
3:32 am
the first black president passing the torch to what they hope will be the first female president. >> there is only one candidate in this race who believes in that future. a leader with real plans to break down barriers and blast through glass ceilings and widen the circle of opportunity to every single american, the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> reporter: in what's been described as the biggest moment president obama has left in the national stage. he focussed not only on the accomplishments of his presidency, but the promises of a clinton administration. >> no daunting the odds. no matter how much people try to knock her down, she never, ever quits. >> reporter: the president more popular than either of the candidates running to succeed him, wasted no time in going
3:33 am
>> does anyone really believe a guy who spent his 70 years on this earth showing no regard for working people is suddenly going to be your champion, your voice? hey, if so, you should vote for him. america is already great. america is already strong. i was filled with faith, faith in america. the generous, big-hearted, hopeful country that made my story, that made all of our stories possible. >> reporter: after his wife's successful speech on monday night, obama stayed up until 3:30 in the morning working on perfecting his own words. he didn't seem the least bit nervous. >> democracy isn't a spectator sport. america isn't about yes, he
3:34 am
>> reporter: also feeling great, officially accepting his nomination, tim kaine took the stage with confidence. he has never lost an election. he is one of only 20 people to have served as a mayor, governor, and senator. >> god has created in our country, a beautiful and rich tapestry, an incredible cultural diversity that succeeds when we embrace everybody in love the dark forces of division. we're all neighbors. >> our thanks to byron pitts in philadelphia. a lot of big moments on the stage. >> there were. and karen travers is joining us now with more insights. we saw the president's speech there. before he hit the stage, it started with some of the -- there was a video of some of the darkest days in the white house with the economic crisis, sandy hook which he said was a tough
3:35 am
>> reporter: you could hear a pin drop during the first half of that video. it was going through some of the toughest times of the obama presidency and talking about how difficult it was. obama talking about how emotional the reaction to sandy hook was. and you're thinking when are they going to get to the positive stuff, the accomplishments? but this was an attempt to show how difficult it is to sit in the oval office, how difficult it is to be the president. it's not just giving speeches. you have to be prepared. you have to make tough decisions. clearly drawing the distinction between clinton being prepared to step in and donald trump not being. >> there were moments of disruption, especially when panetta spoke. what happened? >> reporter: there was a
3:36 am
when panetta spoke there were chants, no more drones. no more wars, and this was such a striking moment. the chants were drowned out by more chants of usa, usa. anybody that's ever covered a republican presidential campaign, i did in 2004, that was always a common thing that happened in those rallies, and tonight a former spokesman for george w. bush noting he was watching the convention and hearing democrats talk about america and america's greatness like he said republicans used to. >> and overall, what did you think was the most effective moment or speech of the night? and i find it interesting that interlocking that you're saying that they're saying the democrats are sounding like republicans now. because we heard a little bit of that at the republican convention, some messages normally reserved for the democrats. what did you think was the most effective message tonight? >> reporter: perfect example, people saying ivanka trump.
3:37 am
been gived in philadelphia, not cleveland. i think president obama is going to get the most attention, giving one of the most powerful speeches for hillary clinton. the farewell address for president obama and the nation. i think when you go back, joe biden's remarks will be the ones that really make an impact. he was speaking directly to middle class voters in a way that really only joe biden can do. that line about you're fired, not taking joy or pride in that. that is joe biden's direct hit on donald trump. throughout the campaign trail, that line will make an impact. >> and i love that he walked out to the rocky theme. >> and he said they call me middle class joe, but it's not a compliment. around here it becomes one. >> and he has his pennsylvania roots. he's from delaware, coming out to the rocky theme, and he landed some punches. >> he did. he was quite rocky.
3:38 am
our political team wraps up two weeks of conventions tonight at 10:00 with the address by hillary clinton. the network plans a special live report. you can also see our live stream at abc news digital. >> and even before last night's convention program got underway. donald trump riled up democrats and even some republicans even more than usual. >> he kind of controlled the news cycle for a little bit. he didn't use twitter. he went in front of the cameras and invited russia to hack hillary clinton's e-mails from >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> fascinating press conference. you've got to see it. now that trump is secured as a party's nominee, he can receive intelligence briefings.
3:39 am
member of the house foreign affairs committee is asking president obama to withhold those classified materials from trump in the interest of national security. >> after months of deliberations, president obama and the first lady have selected a location for the presidential library in chicago. abc news learned that the library will be located in jaxen jackson park near the university of chicago. washington park is near the obama home. it was also in the running. strong reaction now that the ma will be a free man. a u.s. district judge ruled that john hinckley junior is no longer a danger to himself or others. he's seen here in a recent photo. he'll be free to live with his mother in virginia. president reagan's older son said he and his oldest son forgave hinckley, but his daughter said she was sickened by the decision. take a look closely at the
3:40 am
he's a robbery suspect caught on camera after breaking in. the couple was asleep on the couch during the intrusion. that's led to the thief being nicknamed the creeper ghost. same guy has also been seen on other cameras. he's believed to be responsible for other burglaries. coming up, a family rescued at sea. they set off to go snorkeling off the florida keys and then vanished for 24 hours. we'll show you how far the coast guard searched for them and where they finally found them. >> and a-listers are feeling the bern. see the protests led by susan sarandon and danny glover ahead. >> first here's a look at today's forecast. >> world news weather, brought to you by american advisors
3:41 am
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3:44 am
a search for a family who vanished in the gulf of mexico is over. >> thanks to the work of the u.s. coast guard, that family has been found. adrienne bankert joins us with the story. what a horrifying concept and thought. >> many sighs of relief this morning. >> for sure. we love stories with a happy ending. the coast guard told us the family is in good spirits after a night spent on the open water northwest of florida. we have video capturing the youngest of the lost at sea seen running into the arms of family members. look at this. just upon reaching dry land. they were out there for about a
3:45 am
around 5:00 p.m. on wednesday. searching nearly 4,000 square miles. locating the boat about 40 miles off of key west. there was initially trouble contacting them by radio. a 18-year-old, a 28-year-old, 15-year-old, and 11-year-old were out for a day of snorkel. when they began experiencing >> we lost power to the boat and began to drift. some time around 8:00, 8:30 last night. it was relief watching the 11 and 15-year-old boys come off and hug their moms. that was pretty cool. >> the chief coast guard commander says the most important take away in this was these guys had a plan. they told their family members where they were going and when they would be back. so when they didn't return, people were concerned. it's been said there are things
3:46 am
this was textbook success in terms of rescues. >> that's one of the keys. i've covered stories when people drifted and they did not stay with the boat. that's one of the things they say is stay with your vessel. what are some of the other things you're supposed to do? >> there's an epirb. the electronic position indic indicating radio beacon. the device will send out a distress signal and provides an exact location for search and rescue teams. they know where you are. >> very important, and to let people know where you're going. when a family is gone, sometimes no one knows. >> correct. i'm smiling because i'm glad they were safe. i can't imagine what i would do stuck out at sea, especially since i don't know how to swim. >> good to know. adrienne, thank you so much. when we come back, the hollywood a-listers protesting at the democratic national convention. >> and what a $19,000 a night hotel suite looks like.
3:47 am
suite looks like.
3:48 am
cc1 test message cc1 test message ? a ? we start today's skinny with the a-list protest at the dnc. >> apparently not all the people are on the same page with
3:49 am
while celebrities have been parading up and down the stage at the convention, die hard bernie sanders supporters led by susan sarandon and danny glover held a news conference. they turner had hoped to announce sanders' nomination on tuesday night even if clinton had the votes to win. her supporters have been taking to social media showing their voices have been hushed wearing i'm with nina stickers over their mouths. one person said let's put democracy back in the democratic national convention. next a peek inside one super expensive hotel suite. >> beyonce in paris for the european leg of her world tour. she's been hanging her hat in some of the most luxurious surroundings.
3:50 am
not imaginary. 3,000 square foot suite. boasted nearly 360 degree view of the city of lights. >> nice view of the eiffel tower. >> a giant living space. dining room, office area, gourmet kitchen. it also comes with jay-z, apparently. it's nice. 19,000 a night. >> as you can see in the picture it features a 900 square balcony. >> it's a nice look. >> i like the dress. >> blue ivy was not in mom's strappy heels. >> is she barefoot? >> rocking flats. >> beautiful. >> better for jumping. >> speaking of adorable celebrity kids, look at home a glimpse of another angel. >> kim kardashian shared a peak
3:51 am
>> kim has been reserved when it comes to sharing photos of saint as opposed to daughter north who is a regular fixture on mom's instagram account. >> it was last week she revealed each of her kids has a favorite parent. saint is apparently a daddy's boy, while north is mama's little girl. we'll see how that plays out the kids get older. finally, a disappointment for beetle juice fans like me. it's been 28 years since the film opened in theaters. rumors have swirled about a qu >> michael keaton who played the leading role squashed hopes of that. he was asked if he knows anything about a possible sequel, and the response was nope. zero. and it's possible that ship has sailed? >> the reason he says is you can only do it right, and so much of the original was improvised. so much beautifully handmade by the artist tim burton. he says you don't tough certain things.
3:52 am
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this morning another prominent figure from inside fox news is stirring up fresh controversy. >> bill o'reilly is facing backlash for saying the slaves
3:56 am
here's byron pitts. >> daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> reporter: a speech on the first night of the democratic national convention, even including one of the darkest chapten house that was built by slaves. >> everyone was impressed with the first lady, even donald trump telling the reporter she did a good job. i liked her speech. bill o'reilly agreed on the facts, but then went further. >> slaves that work there were well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government. >> reporter: the comments sparking major backlash for making light of the treatment of slaves. >> i find it offensive when anyone tries to justify any part of slavery.
3:57 am
tweeting try slavery, bill. let us know how good the food is while you wear chains. and others sharing a picture of shackles with a caption dear bill o'reilly wear these. >> reporter: o'reilly in full damage control. >> keep them strong, the washington administration provided meat, bread and other staples and decent lodgings of the new presidential building. that is a fact, not a justification. not a defense of slavery. just a fact. anyone who implies a soft unslavery message is beneath contempt. >> reporter: briyron pitts, abc news. >> coming up, we have more news.
3:58 am
3:59 am
>> thursday modern on the eyeopener, protecting your heart in the summer heat. >> the mistakes that can put you or a loved one in danger. >> and still hot and more humid, and i am tracking the chance for needed rain on thursday,
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, president obama and his passionate speech at the dnc praising hillary clinton and bashing donald trump. >> and then there's donald trump. don't boo. vote. >> surprise appearance hugging president obama and then, of course, there's fired up joe biden. urging espionage? donald trump under fire after saying he hopes russia hacked hillary clinton's e-mails. overnight moscow is responding as legal experts discuss are his comments criminal? a group on a snorkeling trip missing for a day has been rescued. see the emotional reunion with the family after the coast guard's quick actions.


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